the Bible course


We realise that you will probably have lots of questions about the course. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

Q. What if everyone there knows more than I do?

A. The classes are run in such a way as to make everyone feel comfortable. No-one is ever put “on the spot”. The course assumes no previous knowledge of the Bible.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. Our faith and belief in God makes us want to share his message and truth. We believe that the Bible is God’s word, and is relevant to our lives today.

Q. Who will be paying for the course?

A. All expenses are being met by the local Christadelphians. The course and the material provided to you is free.

Q. Who are the Christadelphians?

A. They are ordinary people who believe in the whole of the Bible and try to live by its teachings.

Q. Will I be asked to be “saved” or “join” the Christadelphians at the end of the course?

A. No! You will not be put under any pressure during or at the completion of the classes. Our hope is that the classes will encourage you to draw your own conclusions about God and the Bible. The purpose of these classes is to enable you to make your own decisions about what you have learned from God’s Word.